Test Patterns Anyone?

Ton van Dijk,  ZS6ANA was the man who made the character generator for the two sets of wording on the famous TV pattern. He did this in late 1974 before the test transmissions started.

I saw the pattern as transmitted from Johannesburg at Ton's house in Meyerton in December 1974. The very first moving pictures transmitted by the SABC was during the Rand Easter Show of 1975.

I saw the transmission at Mr Bill Yapp's, ZS6HW house situated at no. 23a Stanley Ave. Vereeniging. Uncle Bill had the first TV set in Vereeniging capable of receiving PAL Colour on ch 13. Ton organised this TV set for Bill through the SABC.

Exciting times for someone interested in radio technology.

Submitted by  Gary Immelman,  ZS6YI (one of Ton's dearest friends)

TV test pattern